Terms of use

By registering, the user confirms that s/he has read and accepted the following terms of use.

1.) General

Technische Alternative RT GmbH, Langestraße 124, 3872 Amaliendorf, hereinafter called TA for short, provides an interactive computer service at https://cmi.ta.co.at, hereinafter called the SIKO - App. TA currently offers the SIKO - App free of charge, but reserves the right to introduce fees or to cancel the SIKO - App without giving reasons. However, TA will make every effort to provide the SIKO - App for a “K-Module lifetime” free of charge. TA cannot guarantee that the SIKO - App is compatible with your technical equipment. TA reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time without notice. Changed terms of use are valid as of the time of their publication. With any further use of the SIKO - App, it is assumed that the user accepts the relevant changes.

2.) Data protection

TA observes the regulations of the Data Protection Act in its valid version. Users confirm that the data about their identity, postal address and email address provided at the time of their registration are correct. Users confirm that they will notify TA of any change of name, postal address or email address. Users of the SIKO - App declare their consent to the data provided by them being used for marketing purposes by TA. Under no circumstances will TA pass this data to third parties.

3.) User deletion

Participation in the SIKO - App can be cancelled at any time by deleting the user. For this you can, if available, use the form in the internal SIKO - App or send an email to technik@ta.co.at. If a user is deleted, regardless of whether this deletion is performed by TA or the user, or cancellation of the SIKO - App, all user specific data will be deleted irrevocably and without any claim for replacement. TA reserves the right to delete users who violate these terms of use irrevocably and without notice. TA furthermore reserves the right to delete users who have been inactive for more than 12 months irrevocably and without notice.

4.) Rights and duties of users

Users will receive a username and password during the registration process. TA will never ask for the passwords chosen by users. The SIKO - App gives users the opportunity to grant other users access to their Control and Monitoring Interface. Users do so at their own responsibility and TA will not accept liability in the event of abuse.

5.) Disclaimer of liability

TA will not accept any liability for the constant availability of the SIKO - App, for errors, delays or interruptions in the transmission, loss or deletion, viruses, abuse, correctness, completeness or topicality of data or for damage that is otherwise incurred by the use of the data or the SIKO - App.

6.) Copyright

The content offered on the SIKO - App can be protected by copyright law and/or by industrial property, trademark and/or other property rights (jointly called: “Property rights”). Their use is subject to valid copyright law and other applicable property rights. The same applies to usernames. Further distribution is generally prohibited and requires the express approval of the rights holder. A part of the content of the SIKO - App is provided by persons independent of TA. The content is from these third parties or from the originators, authors or distributors who have made them accessible and not from TA. TA is therefore not responsible for the correctness or reliability of this content. Under no circumstances will TA be liable for loss or damage that may be incurred by users trusting information that they have received within the scope of using the SIKO - App.

7.) General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of TA apply to the use of the SIKO - App. These can be viewed at https://www.ta.co.at/en/general-terms-and-conditons/. The user confirms that s/he has read and understood these General Terms and Conditions.

8.) Cookies

The SIKO - App uses cookies. Cookies are small files that make it possible to store specific, device-related information, on a user access device (PC, smartphone, etc.). They serve to make websites user friendly and are thus good for users (e.g. storing of login data). Most browsers have the option of either limiting the saving of cookies or completely preventing it. It should, however, be noted that the use and particularly the ease of use will be severely limited without cookies.

9.) Severability clause

Should any provision of the terms of use prove to be or become invalid or unfeasible, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the General Terms and Conditions. A suitable provision will be added in lieu thereof, which comes nearest to the economic and legal purpose of the invalid provision.

Version: 13/03/2017